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Membership Opportunities

We have four forms of membership: Family, Couple, Individual/Single, and Lake Rights.

A Family Membership is defined as all people living under a common roof.  Most of our members have family memberships which consist of parents and their immediate children.  Family memberships cannot be transferred to people outside of the home.  For example, a family cannot include grandparents that do not live with them. A family membership includes swim lessons for all children above the age of 3.

A Couples Membership is defined as two adult individuals living together with no children or children that have left the house. This membership does not include swim lessons.

An Individual or Single Membership is defined as a single individual living by themselves or living with someone else that has their own membership or is not a member.  A single membership cannot be transferred to another individual. This membership does not include swim lessons.

A Lake Rights Membership is defined as lake access only for fishing and boating but no access to the pool, clubhouse, or swim lessons.

Senior Citizen Couples Membership is defined as two 65+ individuals living together with no children or children that have left the house. This membership does not include swim lessons.

A Senior Citizen Individual Membership is defined as a 65+ single individual living by themselves or living with someone else that has their own membership or is not a member.  A Senior Citizen Individual Membership cannot be transferred to another individual. This membership does not include swim lessons.

Please see pricing for the current year that is listed on the membership application.





Briarcliff Basics

The Briarcliff Swimming & Recreation Club, Inc is a non profit community pool owned and operated by its membership. Any member can serve on the Board of Directors, and all members contribute to the operation and maintenance of the pool club.

The pool season is from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Pool hours are every day 9a.m.-9p.m. The last person to leave is responsible for closing the club house by turning off the lights, locking the doors and the main gate. The pool may be closed for maintenance, weather conditions, health conditions, or any other reason deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or the Lifeguard.

In the event of an approaching thunderstorm everyone must leave the pool enclosure.

The lifeguard hours will be posted on the information board. Children’s swimming classes are grouped by ability and taught by the lifeguard on days and times to be determined by the lifeguard.

When the lifeguard is not on duty, swim at your own risk. Any use of the lake is always at your own risk. Due to insurance liability, if there is no lifeguard on duty, anyone under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent, guardian, or other adult who is at least 18. No person is allowed to swim alone when the lifeguard is not on duty. Even adults must be accompanied by someone able to respond in an emergency.

Children who are under 13 must be supervised by a parent, guardian, or caregiver who is at least 15 years old even when the lifeguard is on duty. A teenage caregiver must be caring for one family only and may not bring any of his/her own siblings or friends. 13-18 year-olds may come down alone only when the lifeguard is on duty. If a child over 13 brings a guest child they must be supervised by a member adult who takes responsibility for the safety and behavior of the guest child that day.

Even when the lifeguard is on duty, parents are still responsible for watching their own children in and out of the pool.

Members may bring guests to the pool, but the following rules apply: Guests are welcome at all times and must follow the rules that apply to their host member family. Friends and neighbors are welcome to visit our pool so that they may consider joining up to two times in a season. There is no limit to the number of out of town or overnight guest may come. The host member will be billed $5 per guest per visit on a monthly basis. There will be a sign-in procedure at the club.

Members are welcomed and encouraged to host parties at the pool. Parties are charged a $50 event fee (2.5 hours) and $5 per non-member guests.   All parties must be booked in advance and parties over 25 guests require Board of Director approval.  (Download the Party Request Form Here) No more than two parties will be booked per day.  A picnic table near the mulched area will be reserved for the party for up to a maximum of 3 hours.   The party host is responsible for tidying the party area and clubhouse kitchen and restrooms following their event.

If the services of a lifeguard are requested exclusive to the party or outside  of the lifeguards regularly scheduled hours, a fee will apply of $35, to be paid to BSRC (not the lifeguard directly). Please remember that it is customary to tip the lifeguard.

Members are asked to book in advance any party completing the party request form and submit it to membership@ briarcliffswimclub. The Lifeguard Chairs will then post your party on the activity calendar at the pool club. Members intending to have parties with more than 25 guests must receive Board approval. Members are expected to ensure the cleanup of the pool area afterward.

The types of memberships supported at the club are Family, Couple, Senior Citizen Couple, Individual, Senior Citizen Individual and Lake Rights.

Swim lessons are conducted two days per week for children 3+. Private swim lessons for children 3+ available for an additional fee. 

Rollerblading, skating, skateboarding, bicycle riding, water guns , or water balloons are not allowed inside the pool enclosure. Running around the pool or on any cement decking is not allowed. Water games will be regulated at the discretion of the lifeguard. Children are to mind the lifeguard at all times. Older children and young adults must be aware of the safety of small children and should adjust their swimming accordingly. No diving is allowed.

Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking area only (located outside of the gated pool area).

In accordance with Farmington Valley Health District regulations all children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers. All bathers should shower with soap before entering the pool. Hair longer than the earlobes must be tied back or covered to protect the filter system. All persons known to have or suspected of having a communicable disease must stay out of the pool.

Pets are welcome to swim in the lake, but they must be leashed when on pool property. Per the Department of Health, animals are never allowed within the pool enclosure. Please clean up after your pets!
Food may be eaten within the pool enclosure. A refrigerator and microwave are available for use. GLASS CONTAINERS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE CONCRETE!

All persons are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and putting away what they use. Members are responsible for cleaning up the grounds and clubhouse for themselves, their families, and their guests. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children do not abuse pool property or misuse other members’ personal supplies, or food items.

The above rules are necessary for the safe and healthy operation of the pool. The lifeguard has authority to enforce them and any questions about the lifeguard’s authority or duties should be directed to Lifeguard Chairperson or any other board member.


For detailed information please refer to your Briarcliff Bylaws.
Any Questions? Contact Briarcliff Swimming & Recreation Club at

Members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with the Club By-laws. The members and the Board of Directors shall not be responsible for improper behavior by a member or his/her guest. Anyone who violates the By-laws is subject to loss of membership.

Members must review the By-laws and make full payment before considered a member in good standing.

For detailed information please refer to your Briarcliff By-laws

Any Questions? Contact Briarcliff Swimming & Recreation Club, Inc. at