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The Briarcliff Swimming & Recreation Club, Inc. (known to the locals as the Briarcliff Swim Club) was established in the summer of 1962. It’s a non profit organization. The land and original pool and clubhouse were donated by the builder of the current houses on Craigemore Cir and Brentwood Lane in Avon. The area was originally known as “Cherry Park” in the late 19th century through the 1950s because of a horse and car racetrack which once existed where current day Andrea Lane is now.


Since 1962

Since 1962

Building Community

Local History


In 2004, members from the neighborhood decided to expand the pool club, removing the old kidney shaped pool and creating a larger, heated pool in its place.

In 2012 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the club. In attendance was the last surviving member of the 1962 summer still in residence in the neighborhood. There were several other members who were from the late 1960s.

Many generations of families have passed through the club’s membership. These memories of childhood play in the neighborhood stay with all of our children and is something they cherish forever. Please join us in this celebration of summer and community.