Ramping Up For the Season (3/3/2012)

Dear Member(s),

We hope you had a great holiday season and have enjoyed the mild winter to date. The 2012 Briarcliff Swim Club season is just around the corner and we are looking forward to getting back to summer fun.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the pool club!

For 2012, we are holding the 2011 rates steady which also include the $25 capital improvement fee we added on last year. We have also added a new category for just lake rights for the few individuals who just fish on the lake all summer and do not use the pool facilities.

The total membership fees for the 2012 season are as follows:
• Family – $575 (2 or more people in a single residence)
• Individual – $325 (1 person living alone in a single residence)
• Lake Rights Only – $200 (no access to the pool facilities)

We want to make our members’ yearly investment in the pool club a valued one by keeping the pool club attractive, safe, and fun for years to come. Please remember that we are a completely volunteer run organization. We hope you will continue to support the pool club through membership and volunteering your time to help clean the grounds and manage its activities.

As of 3/3, our clean-up days are 4/28 (remove pool cover) and 5/12. 5/5 will be the rain date for the cover removal.